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Amsterdam based artist De Winter is an emerging artist who creates iconic works that balance between collage and sculpture. He recently exhibited his work during Art Basel Week Miami 2019 at Scope Art show and in Amsterdam and Bonaire.


Inspired by Pop art, Arte Povera and Ready Made Art he ensembles unique art pieces that reflect on current political and social topics. In the work powerbalance and oppression play a big part without taking a stance. De Winter confronts the viewer with relevant and contemporary subject matters. The work often sketches an absurd and humorous view on the world, but may also have a spiritual calmness over them. This combination brings an interesting tension in the presentation in which the different works empower each other. 


De Winter (1949) is a self-taught multi-talent that gained international acknowledgment with television and music productions. In recent years he completely focussed on his art practice and successfully showed his work in Amsterdam and Bonaire. He works three studios all over the world,  in Amsterdam, Girona (Spain) and the Dutch Caribean island of Bonaire. The works often are a direct presentation of his environment and so, for instance, when in Spain and Bonaire the climate crisis, refugees and the social economical structures in Venezuela and north Africa are part of the work. The works created in the Netherlands are more political and about the distribution of power and sex, put in various contexts and often with humour and perspective.

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